Friday, April 16, 2010

Calling All Cats

My friend @BabyPatches did just have a funny contest about the terrible things we animals do. My other friend @ShawneeShep won with a bark-out-loud funny (and terrible!) story. But this all got me to thinking: those debil kittehs are getting more terrible-er by the day...and that Kenshin seems the most terrible...

I mean, this may LOOK sweet to you, but it's really a diabolical scheme to interfere with the Girl typing tweets for me:

Who is attacking the detailing towels while girl is trying to fold them? Hmm, it's that Kenshin again:

Who figured out how to jump up on the counters first? Why yes, it's that orange kitty again! (I know the pic is grainy-be glad! Hopefully the grainier it is, the less you can tell how cluttered it is! BOL!)

And WHO taught ToPu how to finally get on the bookshelf? (Again, ignore the clutter PLEASE!) As the Girl took this picture (instead of saying NO! BAD KITTIES! like she should have) she said, "ToPu wanted to get on that bookshelf from day one. Guess Kenshin finally showed him how."

And then he'll do something like this, which in my mind just proves how terribly terrible he is, because this is terribly terrible master "awwww" manipulation and shows he obviously has no remorse about being a bad kitteh on the counter, on the shelf, in the rags, etc.

Kenshin is also the one who "escapes" if you leave the door to the garage open. Or the door to outside. He is the one who fell off the banister today (gave us quite a scare, but he's okay). He is the one who every night wakes the Girl up by licking her face--she has to sleep with a spray bottle in her hand because he just won't be deterred!

What is the point of this highlight reel of Kenshin's naughtiness? I mean, there are TWO debil kittehs. And ToPu is pretty rotten for sure. But Trouble seems to be Kenshin's middle name! Today I heard the Girl say something interesting: "It's just an orange kitty thing, I guess. Those orange ones seem to be extra rotten!"

So, friends, do you think this is true? Are orange kittehs the terriblest of the terrible?

...or is Kenshin just extra-ornery because he's the one the Girl picked, and she has a knack for picking the orneriest?

Nah. That can't be it. Hehehe.


  1. Hey Maximus! The only orange kitty I know if Bruce (, my Dad's friend Larry's cat. Bruce is a really cool cat, very friendly and not the least bit devilish. So I don't think it's an "orange kittehs" thing.

  2. I meant "is Bruce"; can't type tonight... worked too long on #AnipalCookbook. My poor little paws are sore from typing.

  3. This is da problem. Half of da cats are going to say, "Way to go kitteh!" and da other half are going to say, "Red / orange kittehs are da best!". (I happen to be of da former opinion, and my mom is of da latter.). So, it's a no win situation for you. MOL! (signed: Smokey8 fr Twitter)

  4. I dunno, Maximus. I've never known any orange kitties. Mama says she had a wonderful orange kitty friend a long, long, LONG time ago and that he was very good. He might have been an exception to the rule, though, because Mama saved his life when he was a newborn by feeding him milk through an eyedropper 'cause his kitty mommy didn't have enough milk to feed him.

  5. Hmmm, M never had any orange kittens either - only black, grey, and black & white - me. Each one was different in peronality. Guess you have to poll the orange kitties.

  6. Just rememmer furst and foremostly, yore kittehs will never be as terribull as I woz, BOL! (I think they would has a hard time finishing a whole burd.)

  7. o dat kitteh iz bad to he debil bones! I doz finks it cause he orange. Human2 did hab a norty norty white/orange kitteh named Puggles wot wuz short for Repuggly wot wuz short for Replusive & Ugly. Dat puggles would takes a run up to u and hiss and spit at u while hoppin sideways. he did climb da nekked legs of human2's mumma...o dat did hurts. den hims started playin hide-n-seek wif cars in da driveway den da road .... dat wuz da end of dat silly kitteh!

  8. I think all kitties are ornery and should be closely supervised. *snickers*

  9. MOL hehehe nah I don't finks its an Orange Kitteh fing! Cuz I gets into all kind of troubles but us kitties too cute to punish MOL hehehe