Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Look what my friend @pirulofurry gave me! A beautiful blogger award! Piru is an expert on all things beautiful, so I'm quite flattered to receive this award.

This award is pretty simple: tell 7 things about myself and then pass it to 7 (beautiful) friends!

1. I love to wear clothes. People always said, "How could you do that to that poor dog!" But I like clothes. I'm always a bit more jaunty when dressed up.

2. I hate the vet. Nothing good happens when I go there.

3. I love to go camping. I'll just wander around outside for hours, smelling all the smells.

4. I love massages. I don't even need to GET a massage, I just love to sleep under the table.

5. I have a short memory. Which is why some of these are probably repeats from other lists/awards. Sorry!

6. I like to sleep. A lot. Sometimes I snore as loud as a person.

7. I love my twitter friends and all their blogs!

Now, for seven beeyoooooootiful bloggers:

JazzyDaCat - the epitome of glamour
MattieDog - beautiful inside and out and sideways
OllyTed - beary beautiful soul
MissBusyBiz - all beauty, all the time
BerniceBluJae - one beautiful sock monkey
Dogstoyevsky - beautiful Lexie has beautiful stories
Mookie - is there a guinea pig more beautiful?

One last thing...I know sometimes it's hard keeping up with all these awards-we are all very busy anipals after all. I don't mind if the bloggers I pick don't get around to picking up their award and passing it on, but I put a lot of thought into my picks so please please check out their blogs!

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