Saturday, November 22, 2014


This is a project I've been part of...see if you can find me in one of the panels (hehe). I hope you enjoy it; if you'd like please follow the (hopefully monthly) progress on or (once I figure out how to use tumblr, anyway...)

So without further ado, please enjoy LubbyCats!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Carnie Pawty!

It's that time...pawty time...CARNIE PAWTY TIME!

Prepare to have more fun than a barrel of monkeys and laugh so hard you pee! August 17-18th is the outrageous Carnie Pawty (official hashtag #CPthree) orchestrated by @BadAndy_KityKat!

BadAndy is a pawty animal with a lot of ambition and a love of crazy kooky zaniness...but he is just one cat alone putting this thing together. So if you're interested in helping with #CPthree, please consider volunteering to help here!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

3rd Annual SciFiPawty

Okay, so, in a way, this post is quite late. You see, the 3rd Annual SciFiPawty was, um, yesterday. Like the previous #SciFiPawty events, this was put on by our pal @BorisKitty. However, this year was in memory of Boris's "foster monsters" Tippy & Drizzle, who both went OTRB due to FIP. :( His website explains more about what #SciFiPawty is and the loss of the monsters.

I have always enjoyed #SciFiPawty, as you may know if you're a longtime reader of my blog ;) I think it was a lot of fun this year which was much-needed in the anipal community right now.

Now, the reason I got inspired to post today is, well, I donated yesterday. I don't have a lot of cash just sitting around--after all, I'm a dog, I don't work or have any income. But I really felt this was an important cause. Plus I love Boris and his humans and Girl forgot to get H2 a birthday gift so... anyway, I digress.

This morning I took a look (a sniff?) at the donation page and was humbled and amazed at how many pals had donated. AND I was humbled and amazed by the pals who gave away donations as prizes, so ended up donating in the names of the prize winners. It's heartwarming to see these selfless furry folks come through, time after time, donating time and money and tweets. So I thought it was the least I could do to blog about it and link to that donation page a bunch to try and do my part to help meet the goal.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

And Then Came the Last Days of Cafe...

Part of the reason I've been so selfish (hehe) and kept Lippe for so long is that I wanted him here to help with the huge task of cooking our last dinner document our last day at the cafe.

Before I go any further, I want to clarify: we had a blast at our cafe. And by the end were a rip roaring success. I've had many people express condolences and give advice when they hear of our closing, but we didn't close because we failed...we closed because we did SO well that we outgrew our tiny tiny kitchen! BOL! In all honesty, the "cafe" is actually a coffee shop and was never meant for cooking and serving food. But it was a grand experiment and who knows...maybe we'll be inviting Lippe back someday for the Grand Opening of our restaurant at a new location. ;)

Now, to the pics!

As part of our final day, we opted to put on a big invitation-only customer appreciation dinner for our favorite, most loyal customers. We chose a big Chinese dinner!

Lippe got to work folding (and tasting) fortune cookies:

After that hard work, he took a break to eat some sesame chicken:

Then it got intense! Time to fill & fold approximately one squillion crab wontons:

But the reward is worth it! Check out that spread!

Lippe having a hard time deciding what to put on his plate first:

Then, after everyone's gone home, it's time to pack up and clean, clean, CLEAN. Goodbye, tiny kitchen:

Goodbye, tiny coffee shop! Thanks for the memories!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Giveaway Extravaganza!

Girl has some Dogswell Mellow Mutt and Dogswell Happy Heart chicken jerky dog treats in her store that are about to expire! So I thought, hey, how about I give them to my friends?

If you would like a bag, leave a comment letting me know which you'd like and I'll send a bag to you!

For my cat pals out there, I do have some Catswell Vitakitty chicken treats that are ToPu & Kenshin approved...they are slightly out of date but if anyone would like them, let me know!


Friday, September 9, 2011

Odds & Ends

So after reading about Mario's teeth, I was wondering: do any of you out there have dental chews you'd recommend?

And totally unrelated to my stinky breath:
I know times are hard for everyone right now and it seems like the pleas for charity and donations increase every day. That said, I'd like to give you links to a friend of mine who's having a bit of a hard time. He has a children's book and some corresponding merchandise. The book is about the responsibility of owning a pet, which is why I'm pitching it sharing it with my anipal furriends. :)