Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thank You

I have some of the best Twitter pals a dog could ask for! So many of you have done wonderful things for me, sent me thoughtful gifts, exchanged helpful emails... and I realize I don't do the best job of sounding grateful for all you do.

So I'm writing this post because I want to shout a big THANK YOU to all of you super pals. Whether it's sending a package that brightens my day, hauling me around Barkworld taking funny pictures, commenting on my blog posts or wishing me sweet dreams when I sign off Twitter at night, I appreciate everything you do!

Thank you for being my friends!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We went on a little camping vacation at our cabin in the mountains. We decided to go for a little hike...

J. Bear: Well, Maximus hiked. Bianca and I kind of "rode along."

Bianca: At the bottom of the hill, J. Bear tried to impress me with his tree-climbing skills.

J. Bear: Did it work?

J. Bear: We thought we'd take a little break before hiking back up. Too bad *someone* ahem, didn't think to pack a picnic lunch.
Bianca: I imagine The Girl neglected to pack lunch because we'd just had breakfast.
J. Bear: I don't see what just having breakfast has to do with anything.

Maximus: Here I am, hiking back up that hill. I don't really know why we hiked down it just to turn around and hike back up it, but whatever.

J. Bear: Dinner that night was chili with cheetos sprinkled on top.
Bianca: No, Artie, just regular cheetos.
J. Bear: Um, Artie, I think that is my spoon you've got...

The next day...

J. Bear: Who's ready to go for a ride!
Artie: I'll drive!

J. Bear: What a peculiar landmark.
Maximus: The stick points North.
Bianca: Where's Artie?

J. Bear: Once again, it appears *someone* forgot to pack us a picnic...

Maximus is a professional adventurer.

This cow appears to be thinking, "What the hell is that in the sagebrush?"

Artie: WOW!
J. Bear: What do you suppose Artie's seeing through those binoculars?
Bianca: Nothing. The lens caps are on.
J. Bear: Well, I want to look!
Bianca: Go ahead. But I advise you take the lens caps off first...

Artie: Crikey! I don't know what it is, but it's HUGE!
J. Bear: Bianca! Bianca! Come look!
Bianca: Oh, that's alright. I have a feeling I know what you're looking at.

Maybe they were looking at the two bucks? Can you see them, the little pale dots in the picture below?

Artie: Hot dogs for dinner! Yay!
Bianca: And look, roasted marshmallows for dessert.
J. Bear: There are four marshmallows and three of us. So that means one a piece...
Artie: And two for me! *CHOMP*

After dinner we hung out on the deck for a bit...

If you're not a blind dog, this is the view from the deck:

Artie: Here, I'll read us a bedtime story!
J. Bear: But, Artie, it appears to be upside---
Bianca: *shh!* Oh, the Moomins, my favorite!

J. Bear: Sleeping by the camp stove isn't quite the same as sleeping by the campfire...
Artie: I like it! And I found this sleeping bag, so cozy and just my size!
J. Bear: Uh, Artie--
Bianca: Yes, it fits you wonderfully, Artie. Good night, boys!

J. Bear: All in all, it was a great camping trip, wasn't it, Bianca?
Bianca: Yes. It was wonderful.