Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Last year I wrote this post about how Easter is for everyone. To me, Easter at its core is about second chances. It's about forgiveness and rebirth. Because of this, I think that Easter is a holiday that people of all religions (or no religion, even) can observe.

I think that being forgiven and starting over has a certain appeal. Not long ago I ended up hurting my friend @TheRealStinky's feelings. I didn't mean to, of course, but I hurt him regardless.  I would like to be forgiven and give our friendship a second chance; though he doesn't owe me that, by any means.

So then I got to many other pals have I hurt by accident? Perhaps with a careless remark or even no remark at all?

That is why to me Easter this year is about being a better friend.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Can We Give Pumpkinpuddy a Great Blogiversary?

It's almost @Pumpkinpuddy's blogiversary! To celebrate, she wants to give a nice donation to her favorite charity,

I've put up a widget on the right there where you can donate via ChipIn. ORRRRR...and here's a big deal: Pumpkin made this lovely book "Summer at the Lake with Petie." You really should buy it! Want to know why?
1) It's about the anipal twitter family, specifically @PetietheCat and those who rallied around for his health;
2) Profits go to Duncan's Place, not Pumpkin's (or anyone else's) pocket;
3) The way the publisher is set up...Pumpkin can't access the last bit of book revenues until she sells 6 more books this month! Oh dog! Okay, well, I'll go buy one we just need FIVE more generous people to buy a copy!

Now, I know that anipals are a generous group sometimes almost to a fault and that several of us WANT to buy things or donate or whatever but are just "gived out" and don't have anything left. Totally understandable! But please, even if you can't donate or buy the book, can you tweet the link to the chipin or the book or even to this blog?

All your efforts--even the effort of just reading this post--are appreciated!