Monday, April 19, 2010

My Favorite Toy

Zoooooom... Oh, that was too fast, I guess you can't see it in this picture.

How about this? Zoooooooom! Nope, still too fast! I'm just a blur! Because I love this toy SO MUCH!

I should probably start (continue?) by saying that this toy isn't *actually* approved for dogs. On the package somewhere it might even say NOT for dogs AT ALL EVER. The Girl bought these Play-N-Squeak Mice for the new kittehs but Ein and I kept stealing them and would not listen to "NO." Neither of these mice still squeak or still have tails and Ein did not to get to play with them very much because he doesn't know how to play nice and Girl was afraid he'd crunch them. (The kittehs eventually got to play with them, hence the absence of tails.)

I can fetch this mouse for hours. Sometimes I forget where I put it and when I find it again, I'm so happy. When the Girl throws it for fetching (which is why it no longer squeaks-they really aren't made for fetching) ToPu, Kenshin, and I all go running to get it!

*whispers* I even take it to bed with me now.

So if any of you need a really super fantastical great present for a kitty or kittIES, I give paws up to the Play-N-Squeak Twice the Mice! But there are lots of great Play-N-Squeak toys to choose from at!

(I happen to have my blind eye on that raccoon. You know my fondness for raccoons! Hehehe.)

Oh, and I should probably add if you're a dog who actually plays with dog toys instead of cat toys, there are at least a squillion great toys over at

Friday, April 16, 2010

Calling All Cats

My friend @BabyPatches did just have a funny contest about the terrible things we animals do. My other friend @ShawneeShep won with a bark-out-loud funny (and terrible!) story. But this all got me to thinking: those debil kittehs are getting more terrible-er by the day...and that Kenshin seems the most terrible...

I mean, this may LOOK sweet to you, but it's really a diabolical scheme to interfere with the Girl typing tweets for me:

Who is attacking the detailing towels while girl is trying to fold them? Hmm, it's that Kenshin again:

Who figured out how to jump up on the counters first? Why yes, it's that orange kitty again! (I know the pic is grainy-be glad! Hopefully the grainier it is, the less you can tell how cluttered it is! BOL!)

And WHO taught ToPu how to finally get on the bookshelf? (Again, ignore the clutter PLEASE!) As the Girl took this picture (instead of saying NO! BAD KITTIES! like she should have) she said, "ToPu wanted to get on that bookshelf from day one. Guess Kenshin finally showed him how."

And then he'll do something like this, which in my mind just proves how terribly terrible he is, because this is terribly terrible master "awwww" manipulation and shows he obviously has no remorse about being a bad kitteh on the counter, on the shelf, in the rags, etc.

Kenshin is also the one who "escapes" if you leave the door to the garage open. Or the door to outside. He is the one who fell off the banister today (gave us quite a scare, but he's okay). He is the one who every night wakes the Girl up by licking her face--she has to sleep with a spray bottle in her hand because he just won't be deterred!

What is the point of this highlight reel of Kenshin's naughtiness? I mean, there are TWO debil kittehs. And ToPu is pretty rotten for sure. But Trouble seems to be Kenshin's middle name! Today I heard the Girl say something interesting: "It's just an orange kitty thing, I guess. Those orange ones seem to be extra rotten!"

So, friends, do you think this is true? Are orange kittehs the terriblest of the terrible?

...or is Kenshin just extra-ornery because he's the one the Girl picked, and she has a knack for picking the orneriest?

Nah. That can't be it. Hehehe.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Super Duper Prizes

Okay, so a while back I posted about how excited I was to win the costume contest at @BorisKitty's #SciFiPawty thanks to the costume @TrailerParkDogs made me. Well, not only did I win the costume contest, I also won a quiz so I got these pawesome Urban Legends toys donated by @scifislacker, who got them with help from and @BabyPatches' !

Note: even though he is an Urban Legend in his own right, Boris was NOT included with the three toys. I'm using this picture to show you the prizes because my own picture is almost as grainy as actual Loch Ness/Bigfoot footage! BOL!

There I am, trying out that Loch Ness monster. About a second later, Ein stole the Bigfoot and the Girl stole the Jackalope! He is still sitting on her desk! I don't know why she wants a dog toy but she said something about Wyoming being the home of the Jackalope and she just couldn't bear for him to get all dirty and slobbery. What a dork.

Speaking of the Girl, my prize for winning the costume contest was a gift certificate and free Webkinz of my choice from @CaramellaCandy! So I got on to pick out my candy (hehehe) and my Webkinz. Boris suggested this BorisKitty Webkinz but then I saw the RACCOON! And I thought, "Oh, the Girl's birthday is coming up, that would be a most perfect thing to get her!" But I looked and it said "Out of Stock." I was so sad. So I put all my candy in my shopping cart and per the instructions, typed a little note: "For my free Webkinz I would really like the raccoon, but it says he's out of stock so I will take the Grey & White Kitty."

My package did arrive and we opened it and what is the first thing we did see? (Well, I'm blind, so the Girl did the seeing, but you know what I mean.) IT WAS THE RACCOON! We were both so excited! So thank you, Caramella Candy! Thank you, Boris!

Please check out - they have some really neat stuff and great gifts for anyone!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ein: The Legendary Corgi

So normally I wouldn't talk about Ein, because he's kind of a jerk, but he got nooootered today and so he's not feeling too good. On top of that, he got weighed at the vet's and is *drumroll* ... 54 pounds! Yikes!

But don't worry about ol' Ein - he's quite robust and *whispers* less fat than he was! It was kind of a boring winter but now that the sunshine is out, we'll get lots more walks and hikes and moseys in. Besides, I'm a 16.5 pound chihuahua! We're just a house where everyone is larger-than-life! Hahaha!

I thought I'd put some pictures up of Ein so you can see he does have legs and isn't completely round, to put your fears at ease...

This is Ein as a baby, the picture that made the people go, "That's the one we've been looking for!" As you can see, he was quite roly-poly from the beginning.

Wickie-sama and Ein this winter. See his svelte contoured figure? Hehe.

He is healthy enough and has plenty of energy to be a total dork!

He's quite athletic trying to climb the cat tree, don't you think?

He says if you think he's too fat, you can kiss his...

...sweet face!

Revised: Okay, so once The Mom heard about this blog post, she insisted we add her favorite Ein pictures:

The Mom went to bed one night and found Ein had already tucked himself in!

Ein has listened to too much hip-hop - he's "riding dirty."

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter is for Everyone

Though filled with bunnies and eggs and chocolate, Easter is a religious holiday. Now, I'm a big fan of Jesus, but I wanted to share some Easter with people who are of a different religion or maybe no religion at all:

Easter is about second chances.

Most of you probably know my friend @BigBoyBosco. A little bit ago, Bosco's mom decided to rescue a dog that was featured on Twitter. Bosco's mom drove a million miles (okay, not a million, but a LOT) down to the shelter to pick up Ginger, who had been abandoned by her people. Ginger was very loving on the ride home, but hit a snag with her new family. She pottied wherever and wasn't getting along with the other dogs. We were all sad because Bosco's mom had done something so wonderful by rescuing Ginger and Ginger was stressing out the fam.

Ginger getting picked up from the shelter, starting the long trip home

But I saw a tweet this morning that Bosco's mom got her Easter wish and that everyone was getting along this morning and being nice and loving! This is great news!

And so I owe this blog post to Bosco and his family. They gave Ginger a second chance. I think she would be dead now if they hadn't saved her. It wasn't easy by any means, but now Ginger is a better dog for it.

Giving someone a second chance makes you a better person. And I hope that if you're lucky enough to get a second chance, you try to be a better person as well. :)

Ginger after seeing the vet & groomer in her (new) sweet home Chicago

Thank you, Bosco & Ginger! And Happy Easter, everyone!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Look what my friend @pirulofurry gave me! A beautiful blogger award! Piru is an expert on all things beautiful, so I'm quite flattered to receive this award.

This award is pretty simple: tell 7 things about myself and then pass it to 7 (beautiful) friends!

1. I love to wear clothes. People always said, "How could you do that to that poor dog!" But I like clothes. I'm always a bit more jaunty when dressed up.

2. I hate the vet. Nothing good happens when I go there.

3. I love to go camping. I'll just wander around outside for hours, smelling all the smells.

4. I love massages. I don't even need to GET a massage, I just love to sleep under the table.

5. I have a short memory. Which is why some of these are probably repeats from other lists/awards. Sorry!

6. I like to sleep. A lot. Sometimes I snore as loud as a person.

7. I love my twitter friends and all their blogs!

Now, for seven beeyoooooootiful bloggers:

JazzyDaCat - the epitome of glamour
MattieDog - beautiful inside and out and sideways
OllyTed - beary beautiful soul
MissBusyBiz - all beauty, all the time
BerniceBluJae - one beautiful sock monkey
Dogstoyevsky - beautiful Lexie has beautiful stories
Mookie - is there a guinea pig more beautiful?

One last thing...I know sometimes it's hard keeping up with all these awards-we are all very busy anipals after all. I don't mind if the bloggers I pick don't get around to picking up their award and passing it on, but I put a lot of thought into my picks so please please check out their blogs!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Tag! You're It!

My friend @flicka47 chose me for this photo game. Here are the rules:

-Open your first photo folder
-Scroll down to the tenth photo
-Post the photo and tell a little bit about it
-Pass this on to five other bloggers
So...tenth photo...tenth photo...ah, here it is:
This is from our trip to the Hole in the Wall last summer. Some rancher friends of ours put on a trail ride and people came from all over the country to ride horses and wagons for several days. We went to help out setting up camp and shuffling equipment; girl actually set up a massage tent for the sore and weary riders! We ended up at the Hole in the Wall. This is me on the actual trail to the site. Girl kept saying, "What is this following me? It's a chupacabra!" She thinks she's so funny.

So now...who shall I tag?
SpencerTeddy - he's sure to have some very interesting pictures!
Niqqi - very photogenic!
Milo - this new friend already has lots of camera experience
BusyButtons - she's probably already been tagged, but I love her pictures
Kolo_Martin - great pictures and a great storyteller!