Sunday, March 21, 2010


I don't want you all to think I'm vain (thought that might be true) but my friend @BusyButtons wanted to see more pictures of ME on my blog! So bring out...the Maximus Photo Montage!

Hmm...let's start with my extensive collection of napping photos...

This was from our trip to the Hole in the Wall last summer. I was pooped and couldn't wait to get in the sleeping bag!

Sleeping with my head on the girl's pillow. Hehehe.
A quick nap in the middle of the living room floor.
Sleeping on the recliner in the therapy room at work, waiting for the girl to get out of the far infrared sauna.
Waiting for the girl to come to bed.

These next two pictures are from my "photo shoot" for @trailerparkdogs so they could work on my costumes.

And these are pictures of me chilling at the cabin! Sure beats sleeping on the tent floor like I used to do!

So that's enough pictures of me for now! Thanks for looking!

See ya later!


  1. BOL! That very last pic is my favorite, Maximus!

    Don't think you're vain...just wanted to see more of YOU! It is your blog after all, buddy.

  2. Hi, Max! You really are an expert napper. And you go with the girl everywhere, that's cool! Mom specially liked the last photo, she says you're so cute!

  3. Oh my dog! What a great selection of photos!

  4. Demz iz sum beary nice pikshures u gotted der. I haz to agree wif dat Buttons...u did savin da best fur last MOL.

    U iz too cute!

  5. you are a beary good napper!it is nice that the girl takes you with her ebryhwere!

  6. You are a smart and lovely napper. I like napping too.

  7. Aw. Aww. Awww. Awwwwwww. Too much cuteness! Thanks fur sharing!

  8. Maximus, I thinks you should be a model! Purrs (Smokey8 fr Twitter)

  9. You are a handsome dog Maximus and you sleep so well!

  10. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful pics, Maximus!!! Really enjoyed them!!! :-)