Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Vet Trip That Wasn't

So as many of you know by now, I am blind. Hehe. My left eye has an implant but my right eye is 100% real. I had surgery when the eye was originally damaged that was supposed to save my sight but it just didn't. Recentlyish, the Girl kept thinking my eye looked like it was getting smaller. But very recentlyish, it didn't look like it was getting smaller, it was most definitely shrinking.

Girl, of course, freaked out and assumed the worst. She didn't want my anipals to assume the worst, though, so we kept it on the downlow. In the meantime, she googled some animal eye specialists (ophthalmologists). We weren't very pleased with the ophthalmologist we used before (well, not only can I not see when the doc said I would, he also didn't return Girl's calls post-op with some questions...not to mention that whole 'almost killing me' thing during the last surgery) so we had to start from scratch looking for a new doctor. We decided on the VRCC in Denver. Well, she did...I didn't see what the big deal was.

From the very first phone call making the appointment, Girl liked the VRCC better. Soooo yesterday we got in the Jeep and made the bazillion hour (7 hour, if you're paying attention) drive to Denver. I'm a pro when it comes to riding. Girl and her mom always marvel at what a great traveler I am. I sit in my little house and...snore. I mean, uh, meditate on philosophical principles. We stayed at the La Quinta because they seem to be the only hotel with a decent pet policy (we'd totally recommend it too-good room, decent price, no outrageous pet fees, very friendly staff).

So this morning, I dressed to the nines. I was betting there would be some hot nurses.

I surprised the Girl by loading up in my bag and looking quite ready to go. (She told me my outfit was adorable yet a bit excessive for the doctor's office.)

We got there a bit early which was good because that gave me time to check the peemail. On fake turf! I pooped on it just out of principle. (Girl picked it up of course. Hehe.)

There was no point in delaying. Time to go in.

We checked in, Girl signed some papers, then we sat & waited to be called in. That's when it hit me: we were at the V-E-T. I HATE the vet! I was not pleased and made it known that although I was sitting on Girl's lap, I was totally ignoring her.

We got called in and Girl told them about my shrinking/atrophying eyeball. Girl regrets not getting more pictures for my blog but she had other things on her mind, like whether or not I'd have to have surgery or if my eyeball was going to fall out. Dr. Chavkin tested my tears and looked at my eyes and said...

I'm fine! He explained that no, the Girl wasn't hallucinating, my eyeball had definitely shrunk. But the good news is that my eyeball had shrunk as much as it was going to; it wasn't going to get any worse, and I was producing tears (on the tear test! I'm not a crybaby!) and not having discharge or discomfort so there was no need to do ANYTHING!

Girl said, "This was better news than I dared hope for. I'd prepared for the worst, hoped for the best, but I never imagined we'd get this lucky."

So we left Denver this morning (sorry, Denver anipals, I didn't look you up, but I really wasn't there very long!) and after a zillion hour drive home made it back to home sweet home. First thing I did was pee on both the lawns. Ahhh...great to be home!


  1. Whew! Glad to hear you're just fine, Maximus! *hugs and smooches*

  2. Well, you didn't say - woz there cute nurses there at the V-E-T place? Did they swoon all ofur you? I thought you looked hawt! And so happy all do be OK with you eyeball.

  3. SO glad u i zokie dokie. I not like dat da girl keeped dis frum us anipals. U needs to gib her wot fur from me ok.

    *big hugs* on good dr bisit news!

  4. Shawnee- The human ladies always swoon ;) and the vet assistant girl was actually very nice and Girl was surprised how well I tolerated her looking at my eyeballs.
    Boris- Girl didn't mean to be tricksy but since she didn't know what was actually going on with my eyeball, she didn't want to worry my pals til she had at least some information for them.

  5. Great news! I'm glad you're okay!

  6. Awws dat is such good news. M would have been a basket case too. You has such a good mommy dat looks after you so well.

  7. Glad you're ok. And since it was such an important v-e-t visit I'll forgive you for not saying hi while you were here. But next time you're in Denver, you better make time for me! MOL *purrs*