Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Give Small a Chance!

My pal @TeenysFriends (remember Teeny? Are you using your #TeenyIH4TH hashtag this week?) was tweeting about a contest on his blog a few days ago so I thought I'd give it a try and enter for fun...

And I won!

I was actually out of town when the winner was decided; imagine how excited I was to get home, check twitter, and see that I'd won the contest!

My prize arrived in a jiffy too!

I got three Cesar Bistro meals (I ate one here at work but will probably let my sisfur Wickie-sama eat the other two...she LOVES those things!), a cool Cesar plate, a nifty resealable bag of Cesar treats (mmm-I love treats!) and a shirt that says "Give Small a Chance." Girl's mom thought that was really funny and cute.

Here I am, checking out the goods:

Thanks again, Teeny!


  1. OH wow Maximus dats a great Prezzie !! U is a lucky doggie !!!

  2. Wow ...what a great prize,nd may I say you are looking particularly handsome,Pasikisses

  3. Congratualshuns on winning your nommy prizes! That rawks!

  4. We glad ewe like da loot, Hoke! I love da treats. Filet mignon is nommy! *high paw* on a pawsome caption :)

  5. Congratulations pal. Dat's a mighty nice prize you got there.

  6. Congrats, I am going to add @TeenysFriends right now. Nice blog, I enjoy meeting new anipals I will find you on twitter as well I am @wyattcartoon.

  7. ooooooh, your prize looks yummy!