Sunday, February 28, 2010

What What WHAT?!

Saturday was kind of like Christmas; I got a new squirrel toy, Ein got a skunk toy, and even Wickie--who doesn't play--got a little bitty bear toy. But also in the boxes were kitty toys. Why?

Sigh. Because we have KITTIES.

They had never seen a dog before coming to our house so it's been a little bit of an adventure. They must not be too ascared of us though, because they sleep in bed with ME (and they try to eat my dog food!). Sigh.

Okay, so that picture was on the couch, not the bed, but you get the point. And they don't sleep all the time, but if they're awake they don't stop zipping around long enough for the Girl to get a picture of them. So for now it's sleeping pictures on the crappy cell phone camera.

That little orange guy is named Kenshin...technically "Kenshin Himura the Battousai." You know how The Girl is with her long names for things. She said his orange hair and cheery personality match Kenshin's from the anime "Ruroni Kenshin." (Orange hair? Isn't Kenshin's hair kinda red in the anime? Whatever.)

The black one is named ToPu. That doesn't actually mean anything. The Girl's dad named him because when The Mom and The Dad went to pick out of the litter, the black one came out and *whispers* had poo on his toes! But they couldn't very well call him Puto because that is a bad word in Spanish. Soooo *rolls eyes* he became ToPu. (I think Kenshin got off pretty easy by comparison in the naming department!)

Oh, I should probably talk about their ears. They aren't freaks (well, they ARE, but that's just my personal opinion); their ears are supposed to be like that. They are called "American Curls." Kind of like the Scottish Fold only...not at all. Hehehe. As, uh, dramatic as their ears are, the Fambly wanted these cats for their famous personalities.
*mumbles* Which so far seems to be pesky, bossy, and hungry...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Honest Scrap

@BrutustheDane honored me with the Honest Scrap Award.

It's a blogging award for people to say 10 things about themselves that no one knows and then to pass it on to 10 blogging friends. (I want to say that I did receive this award before but was too lazy to do it, so if you are one of the anipals who asked me to before, I'm sorry! No hurt feelings intended!)

Also, I know several of my nominees have already received this award, but I love their blogs so much I put them on my list anyway.

Alright...ten things you didn't know about me. Ummmm...*thinking thinking thinking*

1. I was a pet store dog. I know the cool thing is "adopt, don't shop" or whatever the saying is, but if I hadn't been bought from that store, I would have ended up in a shelter most likely. So I like to think we just skipped the middle-man.

2. When I was little, I quack-barked. The first time I started crying, my Girl couldn't help but laugh because I sounded more like an angry duck than a puppy.

3. Despite having "papers" (whatever that means) I'm 3x the size of a normal chihuahua. Girl thinks I'm half min-pin or something. Or maybe half Great Dane?

4. As a puppy, I had a penguin toy as big as I was that I used to hump. I don't hump things anymore though.

5. I sleep on the bed every night. My first night in my home Girl thought I would sleep on the floor, but I cried til she put me in bed with her. That's been the arrangement ever since.

6. I bring toys to the UPS and FedEx delivery people so they give me cookies.

7. I hated leashes even when I could see and never really learned to "go on walks." I meander.

8. I'm afraid of flyswatters and measuring tape. Even though I can't see, I know when they're near.

9. I love burritos, even burritos smothered in chili. And pizza.

10. I get to go to work with the Girl every day. She says, "Are you ready for work?" and I roll on my back so she can pick me up (even though this actually makes it harder for her to pick me up). "Go to work" is the only trick I really know.

Whew! Sorry so long-winded! And now I'm passing this on to...

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