Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter is for Everyone

Though filled with bunnies and eggs and chocolate, Easter is a religious holiday. Now, I'm a big fan of Jesus, but I wanted to share some Easter with people who are of a different religion or maybe no religion at all:

Easter is about second chances.

Most of you probably know my friend @BigBoyBosco. A little bit ago, Bosco's mom decided to rescue a dog that was featured on Twitter. Bosco's mom drove a million miles (okay, not a million, but a LOT) down to the shelter to pick up Ginger, who had been abandoned by her people. Ginger was very loving on the ride home, but hit a snag with her new family. She pottied wherever and wasn't getting along with the other dogs. We were all sad because Bosco's mom had done something so wonderful by rescuing Ginger and Ginger was stressing out the fam.

Ginger getting picked up from the shelter, starting the long trip home

But I saw a tweet this morning that Bosco's mom got her Easter wish and that everyone was getting along this morning and being nice and loving! This is great news!

And so I owe this blog post to Bosco and his family. They gave Ginger a second chance. I think she would be dead now if they hadn't saved her. It wasn't easy by any means, but now Ginger is a better dog for it.

Giving someone a second chance makes you a better person. And I hope that if you're lucky enough to get a second chance, you try to be a better person as well. :)

Ginger after seeing the vet & groomer in her (new) sweet home Chicago

Thank you, Bosco & Ginger! And Happy Easter, everyone!


  1. What a great story and a great tie in to Easter Max! Thanks to you AND BigBoyBosco and his family. Wishing new beginnings to all!

  2. wow dat wuz pawsum of Bosco's fambly to go savin Ginger and not only gib a second chance but a third when fings weren't werkin out for da noo fambly.

    I hopes fings keeps getting better fur Bosco, Ginger and da whole fambly.

  3. Oh Maximus, you brought Dad almost to tears when he read this. Yes, Easter and spring is for everyone. A time for new beginnings and second chances. We hope so many abandoned anipals will be as lucky as Ginger.

  4. What a wonderful ending for everybody!!! Here's hoping a wonderful life for Ginger and Bosco's family. Thanks for sharing w/us Maximus!

  5. Thanks for writing about Ginger's rescue. She is so pretty. Bosco is lucky to have a new sis and Ginger is especially lucky to have such a wonderful new family. With all the stuff going on in this world, it is so nice to read an inspiring story like this. We need more people like Ginger & Bosco''s mom in this world.

  6. A truly heartwarming story that shows the good of so many. Thanks to Max and Bosco and Bosco's mom. You mean the world to us and you've made a difference in the world!

  7. Great job Maximus.A wonderful post for Easter. Ginger's new beginning may have gotten off to a rocky start, but her new family was willing to give her a chance to make it all work.

    Faith, hope, forgiveness, and a little bit of love. Just what we all need.

  8. Easter is a time for new begginnings and hope.
    It comes after a trial period of saddness and despair.

    What a great reminder of the meaning of Easter!

  9. I love this blog sooooo much!!! Happy Easter to all!

  10. Max, this is a booutiful story about love. A very happy Easter to everyone.

  11. Its a lovely storey and thank you for including all of us in Easter even if we are of other faiths. Big HUGS HUGS HUGS for that.