Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Sooo today is the Girl's birthday. I can't remember if I told this story before, but we celebrate my birthday today too. A million years ago, I was the Girl's birthday present! Or was she my birthday present?! (Technically I was born in February, but I'm a dog and don't count very well.)

For several days now, we had a package from designer extraordinaire @SnuffyNorton but on the outside it said "Don't Open Til May 1st." It was really really hard to wait. Girl and I are not patient and don't follow instructions very well...especially where our curiosity's concerned! (Must be contagious from hanging out with all those curious raccoons, huh?)

But we managed to wait...til midnight this morning, so it was "officially" May 1st. Hehehe. And what was in that box? Hmm...

It was a Bearmani Bear! And with his fashionable red hoodie and brown fur, I thought he looked a lot like my pal @i_am_fuzzy. But our bear had something special with him in the box...a card! He was a gift from our good friend @marshallsheldon (who I think is a brown bear himself)! We were so excited, but also kind of tired from staying up late to open the package...

But today we celebrated with an anime marathon...the Girl does love watching her anime. Bear started out just sitting on the couch next to her...

But then he decided to sit between us. I think he really enjoyed the anime...I enjoyed it too, but, well, anime marathons make me kind of sleepy:

So I think Bear enjoyed his first real day with us, celebrating our birthdays. If we can get the Girl off her lazy bum, we might make cupcakes tomorrow! I can't eat them, but teddies like cupcakes, right? I hope?

Oh, and his name isn't really "Bear." But we're trying to let him get acclimated before we all decide on a name for him. I'm sure once he gets comfortable here he'll think of a good name to share with us!

Thanks to everyone who tweeted birthday wishes! Thanks to @ZackRabbit who dedicated his cooking show today to the Girl. Thank you @SnuffyNorton for making us such a great new friend and a big thank you to @marshallsheldon for having him sent to us! What a great birthday!


  1. What a sweet account. Happy Birthday, Both of you!

  2. Oh lucky girl what a treat to have a bearmani bear for your birthday they are so wonderful! Happy birthday to both of you for yesterday!

  3. What a lovely Bearmani Bear! Happy birthday to your girl!

  4. Happy Birthday 2 you bof !!!!
    weez all had birfday's !!!

  5. Wow. What a great birthday present for you and your girl. Happy birthday!

  6. OMC! Pawsome Bear my furriend, Happy belated Birthday to you both!

  7. beary egsyted too see yur noo famly memba! sutch a nise bear nd how lucky hee gets too liv wiv sutch a nise famlee!