Sunday, May 2, 2010


To welcome our new bear properly, we decided to bake some cupcakes today. (If you're a fan of cupcakes, I suggest you follow my friend @Poooldiii's blog "Fueled By Cupcakes." There are some really tasty recipes there for you to try!)

Before we could get to baking, we had to go to the store for some ingredients:

Back at home, the Bear was anxious to help

He insisted on supervising to make sure we got all the ingredients in mixer

Now to wait for them to bake

Oh look! The Girl even made some mini cupcakes that are perfectly bear-sized!

Whaddya think, Bear? Uh, Bear..?

Hmm. I guess he didn't want the little cupcakes.

Now that all the cupcakes are gone, time to do the dishes. I'm sure Bear will want to help, right? ...Right?


  1. Oh YUMMMMMMMM. Those cupcakes look really good. I'm chuckling cuz we have the same bar stool in our kitchen dat you has. Aren't they great. I love to sit on ours.

  2. Bearmani Bear is good cook. It looks beary yummy cupcakes. hugs

  3. Nom nom nom cupcakes MOL hehehe Da Bear is a good snoopervisor but not much help wif da cleanings huh

  4. Hey, Max! Did the Girl made some cupcakes for you, too?