Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ein: The Legendary Corgi

So normally I wouldn't talk about Ein, because he's kind of a jerk, but he got nooootered today and so he's not feeling too good. On top of that, he got weighed at the vet's and is *drumroll* ... 54 pounds! Yikes!

But don't worry about ol' Ein - he's quite robust and *whispers* less fat than he was! It was kind of a boring winter but now that the sunshine is out, we'll get lots more walks and hikes and moseys in. Besides, I'm a 16.5 pound chihuahua! We're just a house where everyone is larger-than-life! Hahaha!

I thought I'd put some pictures up of Ein so you can see he does have legs and isn't completely round, to put your fears at ease...

This is Ein as a baby, the picture that made the people go, "That's the one we've been looking for!" As you can see, he was quite roly-poly from the beginning.

Wickie-sama and Ein this winter. See his svelte contoured figure? Hehe.

He is healthy enough and has plenty of energy to be a total dork!

He's quite athletic trying to climb the cat tree, don't you think?

He says if you think he's too fat, you can kiss his...

...sweet face!

Revised: Okay, so once The Mom heard about this blog post, she insisted we add her favorite Ein pictures:

The Mom went to bed one night and found Ein had already tucked himself in!

Ein has listened to too much hip-hop - he's "riding dirty."


  1. Oh what a guy! I like when he tucked himself in very cute :) thanks for sharing the pictures. SeattleP

  2. Thank you for the post about Ein and the nice pictures, Maximus!!! I really like the name Ein!!! And you always teach me some new and funny words, like roly-poly!!! heehee My mom says, I'm roly-poly, too, but I'm just fluffy!!! I guess, it's the same with Ein!!!

  3. Those are beautiful pictures of Ein, and his "other face" is cute, too.

  4. Those are bootiful picures of Erin. It was so nice to meet him too. You have a very lovely bloggy.

  5. WAHAHAHA!! HOW CUTE!! Love da butt er.. uh.. face pic! *snickers* SNUGGLES! xoxo

  6. It's so nice of you to post pics of Ein. Mom says he's so cute, from every angle- ja, ja. I think he's like me "not fat, but husky"- yeah, yeah.