Friday, September 9, 2011

Odds & Ends

So after reading about Mario's teeth, I was wondering: do any of you out there have dental chews you'd recommend?

And totally unrelated to my stinky breath:
I know times are hard for everyone right now and it seems like the pleas for charity and donations increase every day. That said, I'd like to give you links to a friend of mine who's having a bit of a hard time. He has a children's book and some corresponding merchandise. The book is about the responsibility of owning a pet, which is why I'm pitching it sharing it with my anipal furriends. :)


  1. I LOVE the greenies and I know they make a doggie version...

  2. I'm going over right now to take a look at your pal's book. hehe - no dental chews for me! he he - no teeth to chew them with, although sometimes I wish I had some - teeth that is.

  3. We do ♥ the Greenies but I tells you a sekrit - psssssssst.... we ALL still had to has dentals by the V-E-T so they mite help but they is no substitushun for brushing. The V-E-T say brushing be the only way to keep teefs clean. Sigh. (That lucky toofless kitteh Mario...)

  4. No dental chews for me (mom's still scared of Greenies) but she brushes my teeth. I love it.
    It is nearly impossible to brush Pebbles' though. She hates it. She doesn't have many left any way.. heh heh

  5. We like ALL dental chews but there is no substitoot for brsuhin an scrapin....oh deer

  6. I'm sending Mom over to buy a copy of your pal's book. (sigh) so many having hard times. We can't completely bring solution to da problem, but at least we will be part of da solution. Purrs