Saturday, June 4, 2011

Teddy Fashion Show!

The other day I received an unexpected but quite pleasant package from my bear friend @i_am_fuzzy! It appears his person got a bit bored and to keep herself busy starting sewing up clothes that perfectly fit small girl bears. However, Fuzzy is a BOY bear and didn't want frilly things so he thought maybe Maya, who lives with me, might appreciate them.

Maya was so excited to get some new clothes (all the bears have been asking for something new to wear) she wanted to put on a fashion show. She invited Bianca to be her assistant model and of course, Bianca jumped at the chance to try on some new outfits. Artie wasn't really invited, as he doesn't even wear clothes, but no one seemed to mind him tagging along.

Here you can see Bianca is wearing the top that Maya is wearing in the picture above while Maya is wearing just the cute dress. Works for clothing one bear or two!

This outfit is really cute and Maya is modeling the matching top & skirt...

But here Bianca is wearing the top with a matching pair of shorts! You can see Maya is modeling a lovely whimsical apron, which I'm sure will come in quite handy!

Thanks, Fuzzy, for this unexpected gift! As you can see, the girls had a lot of fun showing off the new clothes. 
For pals who want more information about my bears (or would maybe like to start their own bear family, hehe):
Maya came from @i_am_fuzzy
Artie came from @elineof who has a wonderful etsy store


  1. WOW - the ladies are all so bootiful. Such a wardrobe - they could easily win fashion of the year.

  2. I did not know you had bears! And pssssst - you mite not want to let that Busy Buttons know. Just woofin'.

  3. How pretty! The girls are wonderful models!
    Cairn cuddles, Oz