Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thank You

I have some of the best Twitter pals a dog could ask for! So many of you have done wonderful things for me, sent me thoughtful gifts, exchanged helpful emails... and I realize I don't do the best job of sounding grateful for all you do.

So I'm writing this post because I want to shout a big THANK YOU to all of you super pals. Whether it's sending a package that brightens my day, hauling me around Barkworld taking funny pictures, commenting on my blog posts or wishing me sweet dreams when I sign off Twitter at night, I appreciate everything you do!

Thank you for being my friends!


  1. You duss set a good eggsampull shouting out a thank you coz I dussn't think I woof it enuff. But I duss thank efurryone too and I thank YOU!

  2. You're a wonderful friend! So, from my point of view, we (all your friends) are privileged of having you as our friend. Thank you for been such a wonderful dog and furry friend. I also thank you for visiting my blog regularly, I love to read your comments.

  3. Yup - I agree with Pirulo. You is a great friend too dear friend. We has a great bunch of anipals on Twitter.

  4. Welll u a better dog than I am. Wait I a kitteh...anywho...u fanks us in pawson n u fanks us here. I just a big slacker n dunt doz it enuff either.

    Fanks u fur bein ma pal.

  5. Thank you too! I've met the most wonderful pals since I started tweeting, and you top the list!

  6. You're a really clever and brave and polite and lovely dog. You are a good person to have as a friend. Love ElDritch xx

  7. Hi! We see this morning that you are our newest 'follower' and we had to come and meet you. Our mewmmie said she has stopped by your bloggie before cuz she remembers the camping post!

    We think you are a brave AND fun-loving puppers and we will be 'following' you, too so we can keep up with you, mewmew

  8. Hi - we are new followers to your blog. You are a cutie and glad to be fur friends!

    Fred and Haylie

  9. Hi BlindMaximus – you are completely adorable! I am visiting you from Welsh Terrier “George” Blog. Love your blog! I have a very special place in my heart for Chihuahua’s (have 2 myself).

    Looking forward to reading more from you. I invite you to come visit my blog and follow me if you’d like at

    Have a great weekend! :-)

    ~ Tina