Friday, December 4, 2009

A Sad Day

Today was a very sad day in the anipal world. The bad news just kept piling up, one shock after another. I have not been on Twitter very long and I surprised myself with how heartbroken the news made me, how attached I had become to these anipals in such a short amount of time.

I don't know why I should be surprised...we're animals and that's what we do: snuggle our way into hearts at record pace!

I wish I had something inspirational or soothing to say, but I don't. :( They will be missed and no words will make that fact easier to bear. But I can say that although losing an anipal causes such pain and tears, I wouldn't un-know them for the world.


  1. Your words really help sum up how we're feeling about today's sad news. :(

  2. I think you summed it all exactly how we felt. Signed: Smokey8 fr Twitter

  3. Lub & hugs to U my sweet, sweet friend :) I lub U & appreciate UR kind words for all of our anipal buddies. *huuuuuug*

  4. But wot you said woz inspirashunal. You is a very wise doggie.

  5. yeah...wot da lil dawg said.

    *nosetaps & purrs*

  6. It's been hard times on Twitter - losing our pals is heartbreaking.