Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Little Help From My Friends

This isn't something I do often because I know there are squillions of animals out there looking for good homes. But my friend needs help and it's the nature of friends to help each other out.

The owner of this beautiful girl Patty

has to relocate for his job and can't take her with him. She's an older dog, good with kids, and really needs a good home. Patty currently lives in Alabama. I would really appreciate my readers getting the word out; with a little help from my friends, I just know we can find this girl a nice home.

Any questions/suggestions/interest in adopting, please contact me or my pal @marshallsheldon.

Thanks, everyone!


  1. We hope the puppy finds a really good home, it's so nice of you to help.

  2. I'll help spread the word for you friend. Hope doggie finds a very loving home.

  3. She looks so sweet. Mom says she reminds her of a dog named Christie she had many years ago. We will help!

  4. I cross my paws for Patty to find a nice new home!!! Even though I'm in Germany, I will do my best to spread the word on Twitter!!! Please keep us posted on Patty!!!

  5. Oh I hope Patty will find a nice home soon!

  6. I do hope Patty finds a nice safe and loving home like I have. It is so nice to find another blind doglet that blogs like me. I am pleased to meet you Max


  7. We just found your blog. We are new followers! We hope Patty finds a new home very soon.
    ~Milly and Shelby

  8. Hi,

    My name is Daniela and I’m contacting you on behalf of Dogs Trust. Could I please have your contact e-mail address?

    Many thanks,