Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lippe Goes Camping

This is a long adventure so settle in!

Lippe was very excited to go camping after such a hard day at the cafe. It was quite a drive up to the cabin though...

And was bedtime as soon as we got there! Maya & Artie came along too. Bianca and J. Bear got to come last year, so they opted to stay behind with T. Nuki-chan and supervise at the cafe for the weekend.

Saturday morning started with a quest for the elusive rock chuck. If you biggify the picture, can you see the marmot on the rock behind Lippe?

Here's another rock chuck, if you look right above the shadow line in the rocks.

Lippe takes a moment to enjoy the scenery. The camo hoodie is on loan from J. Bear to give him a good "Wyoming look."

Posing in front of the view.

Maya, Artie, and Lippe want to take the Rhino out. Artie says he'll operate the pedals if Lippe steers...

The little guest cabin is under construction.

Then things really get exciting as Lippe decides to go rafting!

There I am, cheering on Lippe in the background, doing my best to look adventurous! What a brave pioneering spirit that Lippe has!

Me, Ein, and The Dad supervise Lippe as he comes over the rapids...

OMD! Extreme hard core whitewater rafting video!

Lippe, the brave adventurer!

After all that excitement, Lippe and Artie explore an old old cabin.

After that little rest, Lippe spots a cliff face and decides to do some climbing:

And higher he goes...


Stops for a little rest before the last big push...


A wave to everyone from the top of the world! Or at least the top of the rock.

Whew! Loaded up and ready to go back to camp.

Sunday morning it's time for some construction work. Checking the level in the little cabin:

OMD! Close call on the roof! Good thing for that safety rope.

Taking a rest with Wickie, who is named Wicket after the Ewok. Considering Lippe is a Wookie, we figured they should be great pals, right?

Lippe and Artie buckled up in the Jeep. Time to head down the mountain to home.

Lippe and Artie get the fence on the trip out.

Good bye, cabin! Good bye, mountain! Good bye, camping!


  1. OMB!!! I love this Lippe adventure!! My FAV part when Lippe is rock-climbing and gets to the top!! WOW!! amazing!! and the raftin on the rapids!! hee hee!! thank dogginess Maximus, you were around, just in case anything happened! *giggles* PAWESOME ADVENTURE GUYS!! xoxox - ZackRabbit

  2. OOoooooohhhhh! He's a Wookie! Yah, Wookie's are mini Chubacca's, right? This is BRILLIANT! OUTSTANDING activities! Thank you for sharing your super TERRIFIC adventure with us! *2 paws up*

  3. OMC - Lippe you are having the greatest adventure ever - I'm so impressed dat you got to do river rafting all by yourself too. WOW - climbed a mountain. (whispering - you been having anymore beer pal?)

  4. I seened the rock chuck! How pawsome. That whitewater rafting woz nail biting eggsiting! Good thing I gibbed Lippe rawk climbing lessons to gibs him a start on bigger rawk climbing by you - he be a fast learner! You has some pawsome seeniks there.

  5. That's the best adventure yet. I can't believe you went rafting. That was very brave. And you saw a marmot! I'm so jealous. I wish I could have adventures like that, but I can't go anywhere that I can't take my stroller.

  6. Lippe is sooooo brave...Respect!!! Loved the rafting,Pasihuggggs

  7. GOL the rafting looked super scary! Very fast for a little guy! Great photos

  8. OMC dat campin looks like fun! Dat Lippe iz a good werker (not really just tryin to make he feel good -- MOL)

    Dem white water rafting trips look skeery glad he had fun tho!

  9. Holy Moly. That's some serious white water rafting! Watch out for that rock! Phew. That was close.

  10. OMD, what a cool adventure! Where did Lippe get those crazy good rock climbing and rafting skills??? He's a natural!