Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Request

One of my favorite things to do to wind down my day is go through my Google Reader and catch up on all the anipal blogs. I'm blessed to know so many wonderful pals and it's great to get a peek at their lives and share lessons. I love them all.

@MattieDog's is one of my favorites. If you haven't read/don't follow his blog, I highly recommend it. Every post is worth reading. Mattie fills his blog with gentle lessons, light humor, and poignant thought.

Now, I'm not just writing this to toot Mattie's horn (though we all know dogs love tooting!) but because I have nominated and would like your help nominating for a Petties award for Best Dog Blog. It's very easy, just click on the Petties link, fill out a few fields, click Best Dog Blog, and that's it. We need nominations submitted by June 29th, please. After that, if Mattie is a finalist, we'll begin campaigning for votes ;)

Please spread the word and encourage others to nominate Mattie's blog too. All your help is very, very appreciated.


  1. I used to have all my blogs in my "favorites" bar but I recently moved them all to Google Reader and now I ask myself, "why didn't I do that a long time ago?!" instead of searching all over the place through my favorites??
    I put Mattie's blog in my reader and I nominated her blog in the Petties. You are a good friend.

  2. Mattie's Dog is quite inspirational. Unfortunately I already made my nominations.

  3. Woof hoo. I done nominated dear Mattie. Wot a great idea.

  4. Awwww, fanks Blindmaximus! You is just a pawesome fwiend and I lub your gentle soul!

  5. oh my cat - I just SAW this! How did I miss this! *fret*fret* Can I give belated votes??? BUMMERRRR...Mattie you would had mine. *glares at Person*