Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In Which My Big World Gets a Little Bigger

The other day I was talking with some anipals about all the cultural information I've learned from other anipals ("cultural information" usually revolves around food, but that's not really my point). We talked about the friends we've made all over the world, the amazing things we've learned, and about how when our people try to tell "outsiders" about tweeting animals and pawties they get the "Cuckoo!" look. USPS, FedEx, and UPS people all over are shaking their heads at this increase in packages they're delivering that are addressed to pets.

The other side of this is when disaster strikes across the world, there's usually an anipal in that place. This will sound selfish, but I'm a dog--my life is eating, sleeping, fetching, and potty. I didn't really care about other places. But as soon as I heard about the riots in Egypt, I immediately thought of @MisterSnoop and how grateful I was that he had moved & was out of harm's way. Looking at my tweets during that time, I saw a lot of other anipals felt the same way.

So naturally, when this latest awful quake hit Christchurch, New Zealand, anipals scrambled to check on the pals we know live there. What used to seem a distant, impersonal crisis became gutwrenching, terrifying, and very close and real as we waited for news of our friends. Our pals @whskr and @rumblepurr were far enough away from the devastation; however others like @PollyPuss11, @Baxter_Man, and @LilycatQueen were all too close for comfort. Twitter was frantic until they reported in safe. We're still waiting (at the time of this writing) to hear firstpaw from @Oslo_Pup (though I've been told that Baxter's been told he's safe) and awaiting word from @MrSootyMeowvins.

Anipals being anipals, we immediately started thinking of how to help. @Rumblepurr set up a ChipIn on his blog (I've posted the widget here too). At the time I'm posting this, the ChipIn has already exceeded the goal, which warms my heart to know there are so many eager to help. The great thing about this ChipIn is that Rumbles' capable paws will make sure the donation will get to the Christchurch SPCA (and not in his nip fund--or the nip fund of anyone else).

Donations are purely voluntary (I'm a chihuahua-not exactly made for threatening people). Prayers are also appreciated and don't cost a thing. :)

PS-I've passed on the information I've been told via Twitter regarding the safety of our NZ pals. I apologize for any possible errors; I'd appreciate any updates or corrections left in the comments.


  1. Sending pawrayers to all those anipals in NZ. Hope efurryone is safe!! xox

  2. What a lovely post my friend. Sooty is ok, they're in Invacargall (which I hope I've spelled right) And Sooty has said they barely felt a thing.

    I've also been really touched at how many people have donated and been so kind and supportive. It restores faith in the world.

  3. Well said Max !!!!! oh nd Pasihugs...they are Scottish

  4. Wonderful post Maximus.

    It is amazing how all the anipals care so much for each other(no one could rest until we started getting the reports that our friends were going to be OK) and care for animals everywhere. How they all know that those animals have to depend on the kindness of humans, even in good times, but especially in situations like this.

    All of our friends have jumped in and in less than 24hrs have raised almost $700. to help the RSPCA save what must be very frightened and lost animals, all on the strenght of some tweets, fb posts, and the anipal blogs.

    As you said in your post, the anipals are an amazing bunch, and I'm sure we both agree, we're so glad and honored to be able to call them friend.

  5. Good job pal. I'm so happy you posted this. The more the word is spread the more money we can raise to help the pooor anipals over in NZ, plus it's a tribute to our dear pals over there that are living through this night mare. Please check this blog tomorrow as I will have a surprise for you.

  6. Well put, Maximus! The heart and soul of the Anipal community is unique and powerful. I marvel daily at the contacts I have made, and the life lessons, cultural info and pet support I receive freely. I feel blessed. Pals in NZ, our hearts ache for you and hopefully our donations can help ease the pain.

  7. Maximus

    Dash and I are proud and a bit teary at your post. Thank you and well done. You got it right that we were anxious about @Baxter_man @Oslo_pup and @Pollypus I was not sure about @LilyCatQueen but I am glad she is safe too. We waited for Baxter with SUCH anxiety you would not believe....

  8. Maximus grate post mai furry friend. We are anxiously awaiting a check-in from Mr Sooty Meowvins aswell. *paws crossed* I love how big da Twitta has made mai world. We join da #pawcircle fur ALL in New Zealand - anipals & humans alike.

  9. Rumblypurr is the MANcat! Thank you for the update on our pals, Max. <3

    Love & prayers for all in NZ

  10. very nice blg bout our friends Max you said it very well HUGS xoox prayers to all our friends N need xoox

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    God Bless You :-)