Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good Bye, Sweet Piru

I found out that my sweet, dear friend @PiruloFurry passed away in his sleep this morning.

He was very loved by his family and his Twitter pals. I know that he and Inigo Flufflebum are likely a big hit with all the ladycats OTRB with their most angelic of angel cat faces, but for now I am just very sad.


  1. I am very sad too pal. Pirulo was such a great friend to so many of us. Life can be totally unfair to take such a sweet boy at such a young age so very quickly. HUGS friend.

  2. Dear, Max:
    We are very grateful for your friendship with Piru; he loved you very much and we, too. Thank you and The Girl for posting in your blog the sad news about our beloved Piru.
    - The Other One

  3. I remember both fur babies and was sad that the went OTRB. I know their pawrents miss them because my mommy still misses Robin, the Tortie who came before me. ♥♥♥

  4. Sorry for sweet Piru. If only we can have them in a longer time... My kid lost a rabbit pet too which she found in her rabbit hutch. It was a shock on her and since then she doesn't want a rabbit pet. So I got her a dog now.