Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I like to try keeping this blog fun and lighthearted, but today I'd like to talk about something that's been on my mind.

Energy. Positive thinking. Prayers.

As many of you know, my pal @BigBoyBosco has been having some very scary drama at his house. So we got together with the #Barkbusters crew and set up a "patrol" around Bosco's home while he slept. Even though this patrol was done entirely on Twitter, the bad guy stayed away! Could this be because we were patrolling with our good thoughts, our prayers, our intention? I would like to think so.

Without getting too involved in the theory of these things, I just want to emphasize the importance of focusing on the positive when we do #pawcircles or #Barkbusters or anything like that. Rather than focus on what's wrong with a situation, it's important to focus our energy on the result we want.

My friend Rumblepurr's brother Inigo is unwell right now. I know Rumble's blog has many readers and he has many friends on Twitter praying for Inigo. But what I'm asking today is that when we think of Inigo --or any other anipal or person we're sending wishes for-- we think of Inigo as happy and healthy. Try to stay away from thoughts of "poor sick Inigo" or worrying about the worst case scenario. Please please visualize only good thoughts for him, because that is what you want to happen, that is the energy you want to send.

On a somber note, I realize that some things do happen for a reason, even if we don't know what that reason may be, now or ever. Sometimes all the prayers in the world don't affect a change we can see but we shouldn't be discouraged. But if we are going to hope for the best for our pals I'd like for us to truly hope for the best rather than worrying about the worst.


  1. You are a very wise and wonderful pal and so right in your thinking. I just know we can continue to keep the bad boys away from Bosco and I just know Indigo will get better. Lots of positive energy going to both of them.

  2. Just found your blog! Yes! One hundred percent with you. So well said! Love AnnieBella

  3. How is it that you see things so clearly when you're blind? You are so clever!

  4. My friend, you're a little guy with a big-big heart. I'm 100% with your opinion. That's how we all should do the thinking, always positive. Thanks for the reminder. Really good post today.

  5. What a wonderful post, Maximus. We think you are so right. Thanks from us too for this reminder. We are keeping up positive purrs for Bosco and Inigo and other friends.

    Fraidy cats Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  6. My friend... your post has really touched us, and we hope you know how much we all appreciate it and all your comments on our blog.

    It's really hard to find words to express how grateful we are for all the kindness we've found in the blogosphere. We really hope you know the depth of our gratitude.

  7. I think dats a Great way to look at these things,you is very smart Max HUGS xoxox

  8. I have been doing lots of pawcircles and thinking lots of lovely warm thoughts xx

  9. Ga head boy, U a smart widdle doggy! Dats right - our pawsitib thoughts contribute to da good! We may not get da perfect answer, but it all contributes to da our intentions B sooo important!

    Smooches to you pooches!